Wed Jul 10 15:21:58 EDT 2024

QuantumLink RELOADED! Wednesday Night Hangout

Join us every Wednesday night at 8 PM EDT for a hangout in the 'Lobby' of the 'People Connection'!

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Wed Dec 2 08:24:54 EST 2021

World of Commodore 2021

Hybrid Physical And Virtual Edition!

Saturday December 4, 2021 (December 5th will be a virtual session with open discussions)
10 AM to 10 PM EST – via Zoom and YouTube

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Thu Oct 7 12:05:00 CDT 2021


I had the pleasure of a attending the Vintage Computer Festival Midewest 16 held on September 11th & 12th at Waterford Banquets in Elmhurst, IL.

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Mon May 30 17:58:01 CDT 2016

QuantumLink Source Code

There seems to be some confusion about the status and availibility of various QuantumLink source code. Here is a quick list:

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Mon Dec 21 23:59:59 CDT 2015

Q-Link Rebooted

In July 2015, Cenbe started a rewrite of the Q-Link Reloaded code (now known as Q-Link "Rebooted"). By October, it was stable enough for Cenbe to start running a server.

The rewrite involves new database layer support for Postgres using Java JPA instead of raw SQL as well as massive code cleanup.

If you're interested in helping on the Q-Link Rebooted project, here are some things that need doing:

  • testing The server needs stress testing: as many users as possible online at once, switching rooms, sending emails and OLMs, reading articles, &c.
  • client setup docs We need good documentation on setting up the client, both on a real Commodore 64 and in current versions of the VICE emulator (on various operating systems).
  • menu ID Many of the Q-Link Rebooted menus are, of course, only placeholders. If you were a Q-Link user and remember what some of those stubbed-out menu selections did, drop me a line: cenbe at kolabnow dot com. Maybe I can at least populate some of them with articles describing what they used to do.
  • high-speed client In today's world of fast internet connections and disk images, it makes no sense to implement file transfers in Q-Link unless someone can come up with a high-speed patch for the client disk. We're talking about 19200 or 38400 bps, assuming a device like Dan Mackey's Link232.
  • client disassembly There's probably more that can be learned from a complete disassembly of the client disk. For those of you who are good at this sort of thing, I'm sure it would make an interesting project.

PLEASE NOTE: will continue to run the original QuantumLink RELOADED! code.

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Thu Sep 25 20:57:55 CDT 2014

QuantumLink RELOADED Documentation

Consolidating the QuantumLink RELOADED documentation onto the website is on my "to do" list.

Until I do, the following websites contain QLR connection information:
Alwyz Q-Link Reloaded page at 1200baud

These sites may link to older documentation so remember the current QuantumLink RELOADED server is located at

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Mon Sep 15 11:20:31 CDT 2014


QuantumLink RELOADED had a successful test of running multiple Q-Link client connections using a Xyplex MaxServer 1600 and a DD-WRT router at the Vintage Computer Festival / Midwest 9.0. The setup included a Commodore 64 and a Commodore 64C using each using EZ-232 interfaces and a Commodore 128 using a SwiftLink RS-232 cartridge. The QLR sessions spent most of their time in the "People Connection" attached to the NewNet IRC network in channel #c6friends.

Special thanks to Snogpitch for providing a copy of the SwiftLink 2400 baud patches, originally written by Jim Collette, for the Q-Link client disk.

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Sat May 31 22:02:31 CDT 2014

QuantumLink RELOADED! now at

Many thanks to ShadowM for all his work on the QuantumLink RELOADED! server and for hosting the service at Recently, ShadowM has deciced to discontinue hosting the QLR service. In response the QLR hosted now hosted at and the sevice may be accessed on TCP port 5190.

ShadowM was very kind to provide with a backup copy of the QLR database that was hosted at QLR users that had accounts at will still be able to use their existing QuantumLink disks at to retain their existing nicknames.

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